How to be a “Critical Thinker”…?

First of all, what exactly is “critical thinking”?  I suggest ‘critical thinking’ can be trying to understand or explain a challenging thought that the makes the thinker go beyond his/her comfort zone and dig as deep as he/she can.  Thinking critically is not simple or easy but takes a lot of concentration and energy.  Everybody “thinks” all the time; you’re thinking as you’re reading this and I’m thinking right now as I’m writing this.  Just thinking is easy and natural, but critically thinking is challenging yourself.

So how do I know if I’m critical thinker?  Is it if I’m good at answering questions and making up new ideas, or understanding theories?  Well to make it easy I’ll sum it up in a few characteristics of critical thinkers:

  • Use reason and logic
  • Ask questions
  • Use strageties and techniques to be as precise as possible
  • Acknowledge and avoids bias, prejudices and personal opinions
  • Approaches idea from all different perspectives
  • Are openminded
  • Have doubt (you can’t be too naive!)

If you do all this when you explore new thoughts, I declare you a critical thinker! Congratulations! 🙂

Now let me think; am I a critical thinker? Hmmmm…..I believe I am….well, most of the time.  People tell me I’m a logical person and I think so too.  But being reasonable is not easy all the time since we, as humans, many of the time let our emotions get the better of ourselves.  But I want to be rational and right.  I want to be known as a deep and wise critical thinker.  So what can I do for myself to become a better developed thinker?  I think the biggest issue for me is to try to look from different point of views and not just my own.  It will help me to understand whatever I am analyzing with more detail and interest.  Then it’ll be more fun for me too.


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