Global warming is REAL…and it’s happening.

Global warming is real and its happening.

So first of all, what is global warming?  Global warming is the increase of the Earth’s climate; aka climate change.  The temperature is increasing and it is starting to,  or already is, seriously affecting the whole environment of the earth.  Why is this happening one would ask.  The largest cause is the “greenhouse effect”.  It is when greenhouse gases trap the heat from the sun in the atmosphere and can only leave slowly, therefore increasing the temperature of the globe inside of it.

Canada is already being touched by the climate change.  If in 2012, Canada is beginning to change…how different would it be later?  Let me make a prediction.

In 2050 Canada might…

  • Have a much warmer climate
  • Have lost even more forests because the hotter it is, the more defencless forests become to dangers such as pine beetles and forest fires
  • Not have as much snow and ice in the north
  • Have a much larger population for it will be one of the cooler countries
  • Have more people moving to the north
  • Have gained profitable industries with hunting and fishing up north

In 2100 Canada might…

  • Be one of the most populated countries in the world
  • Have lost people in the Interior Plains due to the frequent natural disasters
  • Have become smaller landwise due to the risin water levels of the ocean surround them; then people cannot live on the edges anymore
  • Have lost people in the south due to the increasing heat
  • Have most of the population living in the Northern Territories
  • Be running out of fresh water
  • Not be the only country to have lost and continues to lose many people due to sicknesses caused by heat changes
  • Have lost many of its plants and crops
  • Have lost most of its trees — lost its main export
  • Have lost its industry in agriculture
  • Have lost many of the northern animals who lived in the cold climate

  • Have even lost its hunting/fishing industry due to animals going extinct
  • Be going through an economic depression

Wow.  Canada will have gone through a lot…well that is if global warming and climate change only continues to get worse.  Since there are many possibilities with the effects from global warming, I’ll sum it up into the major changes I believe may happen.

The 3 largest effects climate change will have on the environment:

  1. Most of the biodiversity will be lost by 2100, therefore most of the natural resources will be scarce (fresh water, trees, clean air, fossil fuels, etc.).
  2. The Canadian Arctic and tundra and sea ice will have shrunk which affects all the wildlife living on the tundra and the algae under the sea ice which is the foundation of the ocean food chain.
  3. There will be so many more natural disasters (floods, hurricanes, tornadoes, avalanches, droughts, etc.).

The 3 largest effects climate change will have on the lifestyles of people:

  1. Canada will be one of the most desired and populated countries, with most of the population living up north
  2. Many more people will be either killed, infected or endangered with the infection of the numerous diseases caused by climate change.  Not only due to the heat waves, but insects carrying diseases migrate to Canada as the climate becomes warmer.
  3. Many people will be in poverty; also starving and thirsty for fresh water.


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Canada vs. South Korea

        In Socials class these past few days we have been studying the five themes of geography and applying them to Canada.  This post is not only going to be about Canada, but also another country of my choice.  I choose South Korea.  Why?  Well because as a Canadian raised South Korean I’m unfamiliar with my own background so it makes this assignment much more interesting for me.  I also have a reliable source; my parents.

   First of all the five themes of geography:

Starting from location South Korea is much different from Canada.  Canada is in the western part of the world in North America, while Korea is on the eastern part in Asia.  The difference in location would lead to differences in the environment which would cause differences in the way the way people live.

Canada is obviously a huge country with tons of land and plants, labeling it as the country with the most beautiful nature in the world; at least in my opinion.  And since the main industry for export is trees, we don’t have many factories, allowing the air to stay clean and the skies to shine bright blue.  Unlike South Korea which is a very small country and has many factories so the air is much more polluted.  But it is more urban and modern than Canada.

Since it is more urban than Canada, the movement in South Korea is also much faster.  Whether it be the people, the vehicles, the ideas, technology, etc., it all moves and spreads very fast.  Especially the internet and technology is one of the fastest in the world!  Not to mention South Korea has one of the best public transit systems in the world.  Canada on the other hand seems to be on the slow side and the public transit isn’t very developed.  I know from experience.

This is a person’s experience with public transportation in Korea:

Like mentioned above, the landscape and environment of Canada and Korea is different and the people are different, so obviously the way the two interact are different.  Canada has many parks, farms and the streets are covered with trees.  Korea does not have many trees lying around like Canada. But there are countrysides where the crops and animals are grown very naturally with sincerity by the elders (most farmers are elders or farmers from long generation families).  North America uses more unnatural things, such as chemicals, on their plants and animals than Korea does.  Another difference between the human/environment interaction is that Canadians are well known to recycle and sort out their papers, from cans, from garbage, especially because there’s a developed system where people get money back for recycling.  In South Korea there isn’t much of a recycling system like that so almost nobody, I believe, recycles; everything is thrown into the garbage can.

All these differences in the five themes of geography between Canada and South Korea are distinct.  Therefore the mindsets and values of the people are different as well.  Canadians prioritize free time and are very relaxed, while South Koreans are always looking out for new trends.  But one country is not better than the other, for both have their pros and cons.  The overall condition and whole united environment of the world is what I think much more important.

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