What are Victorian Values and Why are they Important?

Have you ever heard of “Victorian Values”?   And do you know what they are?  In Socials class we learned what Victorian Values are and why they are important.  To start off, I’ll explain to you.

Victorian Values were influenced from Queen Victoria (1837 – 1901), during the Victorian Era, and reined in the British Empire.    The Christian Church, morals, hard work and personal success were much prioritized.  Victorian Values also include duty, seriousness, modesty and proper behaviour.  Victorians also cared greatly about social class and status and believed British people were above everyone else.  Adding to that, women were pressed to stay at home.

Here is a short and simple video made by students trying to show an example of how Victorian Values affected people’s lives: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SSqlt_oF68M

I am a person of deep morals and values.  Some of mine are similar to Victorian Values, such as hard work and personal success.  I also agree seriousness and modesty should always be kept in a person’s conscience, thought not necessary to stress all of the time.  My greatest priority is Christianity and I believe morals are essential for this world.  I don’t exactly understand what duty is and proper behaviour can be defined very differently by many people, but I think they aren’t important.

It may seem like I am similar to a Victorian, but there are significant differences between my values and Victorian Values.  First of all, I strongly disagree in the class system and absolutely despise it.  I cannot stand the ignorance of people who believe they are more valuable and precious than their fellow human beings, like the Victorians.  I deeply believe every human being was created in equal love and value by God, which is supposed to be a strong moral for Christians.  I also try my hardest to not be proud, as the Victorians were, but instead have humility and live to serve others.  I hope you can now see the difference between a Victorian and me.

In the British Empire, Victorian Values were definitely prioritized and had enormous influence on the people’s lives.  But it did not disappear with the Victorian Era.  I think Victorian Values are still alive.  For example, even in Canada where we stress “equality” there is still a class system, although it is not as strong.  In many parts of the world, family background is thought of as very important.  There are also laws and regulations that put limits and definitions on proper behaviour and duty; for example it is a Canadian citizen’s duty to vote.  In schools as well, teachers ask their students what success means to them and how they wish to obtain it.   Victorians also put much effort into decorating their churches, which we can still see.  I imagine there are many more examples of the Victorian influence which still remain in today’s society.

Just in case you are not sure of what a class system exactly is and looks like, here is a simple presentation that may help you: http://www.slideshare.net/sstuckey/victorian-era-social-structure

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