Nellie McClung: a Canadian hero.

Women from all around the world.

Still in many countries today, the rights of women are held inferior and women are not considered of the same equality as men.  In Canada women do have the same legal rights as men, however it has not been very long since this equality was accomplished.  In fact, in only the 20th century, there was a time of injustice and inferiority for women in Canada until the right to vote was achieved federally in 1918.  The right to vote was arduously worked for by suffragists; one notable one, a woman by the name Nellie McClung.  In the beginning only a teacher and author, Nellie McClung later became a leader of women’s suffrage and a hero of Canada.

A famous picture of Nellie McClung.

“Raised in Manitoba” (Cranny, Jarvis, Moles & Seney, 2009, p. 266) as a witty and charming orator with the qualities of a leader, McClung grew to be a respected and capable woman.  However, success in all the careers of teaching, writing and even home-life did not stop McClung’s ambition.  She found a new motivation and passion for women in Canada.  “She saw men drinking away their family’s pay, and she saw women abused, uneducated and isolated, without rights to their family property or even their children” (Yvonne, Jeffery, 2011, paragraph 3) and she wanted to do something about it.  The compassion, sympathy and will to help came out of her “activist nature, Christian faith and sense of duty” (Library and Archives Canada, 2010, paragraph 2).  Her goodwill and passion for the better of the people illuminated McClung as a leader and hero of Canadian women.

Not only was McClung a person of heroic virtues, she also made many accomplishments.  She was one of the “Famous Five”Alberta women who achieved in having women acknowledged as “persons” under the law (Munroe, 2013). McClung also aided in the achievement of “women’s property rights and the Dower Act” (Munroe, 2013, paragraph 6), and ultimately succeeded in giving Canadian women a right to vote.  Nellie McClung is also a Canadian hero due to not only acting for the better of women but for all people.  She also worked for factory safety legislation, old age pensions and public health nursing services.  All these things definitely prove Nellie McClung to be a hero in Canadian’s history.

Woman’s suffrage in Canada.

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